Take a look at our most exciting addition to our Hog roast machine range, the BBQ set! This Platinum range accessory can transform your hog roaster into a full barbeque so you can add that delicious chargrilled flavour to your menu. It brings a whole new dimension to your hog roasting set up and is a wonderful addition for the summer season.

The BBQ set cleverly fits on top of the Platinum hog roasting machine with the doors previously used when cooking now hung aside the machine, allowing for a larger surface area. The gas taps have a thermostat control which allows you to get an even BBQ temperature throughout the grill plate and gives excellent control for the most flavoursome results. This kit allows for cooking of sausages, burgers, steaks, chicken, fish portions, vegetables, garlic bread… anything you would traditionally barbeque.

Our Platinum machine allows access to a lower cooking level too, which means you can keep some foods warm or slowly cooking (like vegetables and jacket potatoes) as your BBQ other products – a great improvement on your standard garden BBQ.

Want to learn more about our BBQ set? Get in touch and we can talk you through its features some more.