Chicken Spit

Looking for an alternative to roast pork? Hire a hog roast machine from us and choose the chicken spit kit to try a different dish that will impress your event guests. The Chicken spit uses our standard spit roast pole and motor to rotate a 5 arm rotisserie that can hold up to 36 chickens at a time! That’s a lot of meat. You can also use it to roast turkey, pork joints or beef too.

With our chicken spit, you begin the roasting process within the roaster and behind the glass viewing window. The real drama comes as you raise the rotisserie for carving. Each arm can be removed one at a time to ensure the visual excitement stays intact as you carve. Burners beneath the carving tray provide a hot plate function to keep your cooked products warm until you dish up.

Not sure about a separate chicken roasting accessory? You can also roast chicken in our hog roasting tray quite effectively – although it doesn’t provide the same spectacle.

With over 50 years in events catering, we know what we’re doing when it comes to great cooking. Give us a call to discuss our machines and accessories further.